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The Republic of Georgia is regularly noted as the birthplace of winemaking, actively making our favorite adult beverage here for over 8,000 years. Archaeological evidence suggests that the Georgians were among the first to cultivate grapevines and ferment wine, a tradition passed down to today through countless generations.

The Kakheti region, in particular, stands out as a foundation of Georgian viticulture. It's celebrated for its rich soils and diverse microclimates, and this fantastic terroir is ideal for growing a wide range of the country's indigenous grape varietals. Wines made in Kakheti are among the country's most highly regarded and hold enormous cultural significance in Georgian winemaking.

Winemaking in the Kakheti wine region demonstrates a fascinating balance of ancient and modern techniques. Many wineries combine hyper-traditional qvevri (clay vessel) fermentation with cutting-edge, modern equipment. This perfect blend of old-school tradition and new tech creates unique and innovative wines, giving wine lovers an authentic taste of history with a modern twist. The region's commitment to quality and tradition has recently cemented its reputation on the global stage, and wines from Kakheti are gradually appearing in bottle shops here in the States.

Guardians is a private label, mission-driven brand imported by The Georgian Wine House and distributed by former AWM staff member Kate Stamps of Rise over Run Imports. The Guardians label is a way for the Georgian Wine House to support local Georgian winemakers by providing them easy access to wine lovers here in the States. The Guardians brand celebrates the heroes of Georgia's winemaking tradition, from the resilient men and women who have preserved this ancient craft through millennia to the modern-day artisans.

Saperavi is the star of the Guardians project, showcasing Georgian wines' robust and vibrant character. Known for its deep, dark color and full-bodied profile, Saperavi is a grape that thrives in the Kakheti region's favorable climate. In true Local-Global fashion, this buying Guardians Saperavi supports local and independent businesses throughout the logistics chain. The icing on the cake: purchasing this wine not only supports local Georgian winemakers but also contributes to their post-Soviet economic revival efforts, with a particular focus on empowering women and veterans in the community.

In your glass, after a swirl or two, Guardians Saperavi opens with aromas of dark berries, black cherry, a hint of spice, and a gentle whiff of smoke and spice. You'll love the rich, velvety texture on the palate, brimming with flavors of ripe plum, blackberry, and a touch of oak, balanced by ripe tannins and ample lift. This wine pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes, enhancing the dining experience with its depth and complexity.

Guardians Saperavi shines alongside hearty and flavorful dishes and will pair with grilled pork and chicken like a dream. At our last AWM wine dinner, we paired it with marinated pork skewers, a classic Georgian-inspired dish, and the combination was nothing short of spectacular. Other excellent pairings include grilled lamb, beef stews, and aged cheeses, all of which enhance the wine's rich fruit and showcase its culinary dexterity.


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