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Michel Bréavoine is a well-respected figure in the world of traditional French cider. His orchards and cidrerie are located in the village of Coudray-Rabut, just outside Pont l’Évêque. Michel's 40 hectares of orchards are entirely dedicated to creating world-class ciders, Pommeau, and Calvados. In complete sync with the region's cider-making tradition, the estate has been a family-owned and operated endeavor for three generations.

Normandy cider holds a special place in the world of fermented apple beverages, and along with Brittany, it's been a benchmark of quality for generations. Bréavoine's ciders follow these traditions to the letter and are produced only with 100% pure juice and naturally occurring yeasts.

Michel Bréavoine's home base is Domaine du Lieu Gosset, and the Domaine produces all of the region's traditional apple-based beverages, including cider, non-fermented apple juice, Calvados, and Pommeau.
Bréavoine's approach to cider production is a well-balanced blend of artistry, innovation, and tradition. The entire production, from harvest to export, is controlled within the borders of the family farm, allowing for meticulous oversight and a personal touch to every bottle​.

I find French ciders to be a wonderful change of pace and a viable alternative to sparkling wine. In your glass, the vibrant golden hue of Honorie Cidre Normand leads to a pleasingly a rustic nose of ripe orchard apples, framed by hints of yeasty brioche and a just a whisper of almond. The palate is a lovely balance of gentle tart and subtle sweetness, reminiscent of freshly picked apples. A touch of earthiness and spice add nuance and complexity, leading to a refreshingly dry finish that lingers pleasantly.

Hammond and I love Normandy ciders paird with poultry, pork and savory stews. For sure, we'll be cracking a bottle of Honorie Cidre Normand as our Thanksgiving afternoon cooking aperetif!


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