Jean Aubron Sauvignon Blanc Vieilles Vignes 21

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Sauvignon Blanc from different regions of the Loire Valley can vary significantly in character due to differences in climate, soil type, and winemaking practices. For instance, Sauvignon Blanc from Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé in the eastern Loire is often more mineral-driven, with flinty, smoky, and citrus notes, while those from Touraine often display a more fruit-forward profile with tropical and stone fruit undertones.

In contrast, the Sauvignon Blancs of the Muscadet region, like those from Domaine Jean Aubron, often exhibit a blend of these characters. They deliver a beautiful marriage of refreshing acidity, ripe tropical fruit notes, and an underpinning minerality. The wines are a testament to the incredible diversity found within the Loire Valley, each expressing its distinct terroir.

Domaine Aubron is a family-owned estate established in 1904 by founder Gustave Aubron. Despite its humble beginnings, the Domaine steadily established a name for itself, with a primary focus on producing top-quality Muscadet. Today, the torch has been passed to Jean Aubron, a fourth-generation winemaker, who has infused modern techniques without sacrificing the traditional winemaking methods that have defined this family-owned estate.

In your glass Domaine Aubron Val de Loire Sauvignon Blanc stands out as an outstanding example of this varietal's potential in the western Loire Valley. The cool climate and the diverse soils composed of schist, sand, and clay provide the perfect environment for this grape to thrive.

After a quick swirl or two, you're treated to aromas of lemon, lime, passion fruit, and fresh herb, leading to an invigorating freshness on the palate and a beautiful harmony of ripe fruit and bright acidity. This beautifully balanced Sauvignon Blanc is an ideal match for seafood, and goat cheese, making it a terrific starter and aperitif.

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