Krasno Pinot Noir 19

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Tucked away in the westernmost corner of Slovenia, Goriška Brda is more than likely the best wine region you've never heard of, that also just happens to be the wine capital of Slovenia. The gently rolling hills are dotted with hilltop villages that remain blissfully undiscovered by mainstream tourist traffic. The locals here focus on winemaking and olive oil production, and the oil and wine from here are very highly regarded.

With Brda's close proximity to both Italy and Austria, it's no accident that it shares elements of their neighbor's growing conditions. The climate here combines the best of Mediterranean and Alpine influences, providing perfect conditions for viticulture.

Goriška Brda is the smallest of Slovenia's four major wine regions; however, it's the most highly regarded of the four, earning more top medals every year in European wine salons. Klet Brga is the largest producer in Goriška Brda, and while most of the wine made in Slovenia is white, Klet Brga also focuses on a selection of excellent reds.

In your glass, the Klet Brda Krasno Pinot Noir opens with a brick-garnet color and features aromas of cherry, red berries, and subtle notes of wildflowers. It's gorgeously smooth on the palate, with ample brightness framing the supple fruit. I'm especially in love with the texture and polish of this wine -- the mouthfeel is absolutely stunning.

This lovely Pinot Noir will pair like a dream with duck breast, roasted birds, salmon, tuna, and the low alcohol (12.5%) makes it perfectly suitable for more delicate culinary creations.

The Krasno Pinot Noir comes to us from local Asheville importer and former AWM staff member Kate Stamps and you're supporting two local business when you buy this one!

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