Latido Garnacha Blanca 21

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Sara Martinez Lagos creates the affordable and charming Latido wines. The wines are produced at Bogedas San Martin, the oldest winery in Navarra, and fruit is sourced from the gently rolling hills surrounding the village of San Martin de Unx. The region is exposed to constant, steady wind, and like Le Mistral in the South of France, the wind here helps to moderate vineyard temperature resulting in optimal freshness in the wines.

Sara is dedicated to preserving Navarra's sustainable farming practices and traditional winemaking techniques. She firmly believes caring for the environment is essential to producing high-quality wines. Her vineyards are managed using organic and biodynamic methods, using only natural fertilizers and pest control. She even dabbles a bit with the biodynamic philosophy of following the lunar cycle to determine the best time for planting and harvesting.

As a true champion of Navarra, Sara's winemaking philosophy is centered on expressing the unique qualities of the grapes and terroir of the region. She uses natural yeasts, and the grapes are hand-harvested and sorted to ensure that only the best fruit finds its way into the bottle. She feels wines should reflect the place where they are produced, and she strives to make wines that truly represent Navarra.

Not a lot of Garnacha Blanca makes it to the US market, so I am always on the lookout for ones to include in our Spanish selection. The Latido de Sara Garnacha Blanca is a super tasty example, and it is a bargain compared to the pricier bottles from Rioja -- Navarra's close neighbor to the west.

After a swirl or two, you're treated to vibrant aromas of pear, citrus, mint, and white flowers. The palate is a lovely balance of brightness, lift, and body, making this a white wine for every season. Yellow apple, pear, citrus notes, and a tiny touch of mint linger nicely on the palate finishing with leesy notes of almond and citrus. Pair this with poultry, white-fleshed fish, and rich grain creations -- especially risotto.

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