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Le Malbec is another fantastic wine brought to us by our friend, Jean-Philippe Bourgeois, an importer based right here in Asheville. Like all of Philippe's imports, it's a total gem and an absolute steal for the quality. 

Asheville is lucky to have some super-talented European wine importers, and Jean-Philippe Bourgeois is one of the best. Philippe is hyper-focused on sourcing wines from small, family-owned vineyards. His producers prioritize sustainable and organic viticulture, and their wines are relentlessly terroir-driven.

France is the original home of Malbec, a grape that has more recently become synonymous with the rich, robust wines of Argentina. While increasing amounts of Malbec are grown in Bordeaux and the Loire Valley, the majority of France's Malbec is grown in the South and Southwest, where the grape thrives in the warm climate and diverse soils. These regions have a long history of producing high-quality Malbec wines that capture the essence of their terroir.

Le Malbec is the result of an ideal collaboration between Asheville's Jean-Philippe Bourgeois and Florencia Stoppini, Vianney Castan's talented winemaker at Chateau St Jean d'Aumiere. Their combined expertise and passion for winemaking have produced a Malbec that's wonderfully expressive and beautifully balanced. With Philippe's passion for delivering outstanding European wines to the U.S. market at super-affordable and Florencia Stoppini's expert winemaking abilities, this partnership is a win-win for AWM customers.

Before bottling and release, Le Malbec rests in 80% stainless steel with 20% in well-used oak barrels. This is the real secret sauce of Le Malbec's charm and complexity. The stainless steel is key to retaining fresh, vivid fruit flavors, while the well-used, essentially neutral oak barrels provide a luscious mouthfeel and subtle complexity. 

In your glass, Le Malbec reveals an inviting aroma of dark berries, black cherry, plum, and hints of spice. The smooth, full-bodied palate is bursting with flavors of blackberry and black cherry, finishing with a lovely touch of cocoa. The supple, lifted fruit deftly balances the well-integrated tannins, making it a versatile choice for the porch, patio, or picnic.

The rich, bold fruit and silky smooth texture make Le Malbec an excellent match for all of your favorite grilled meats, especially lamb. The ample lift and silky-soft tannins on the finish will nicely complement hearty stews and roasted vegetables. For a lighter pairing, enjoy Le Malbec with a selection of aged cheeses, charcuterie, and roasted veggies. 

Remember, when you buy Philippe's wines at the AWM, you're buying a true Local-Global selection and supporting local businesses globally!

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