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Arnaud and Albéric Lechat's Touraine Sauvignon Blanc, crafted at Domaine Beauséjour, has found its way to the AWM shelves thanks to Asheville-based importer and former AWM staff member Kate Stamps. This delicious Sauvignon Blanc dips into the vibe and style of Sancerre but at a significantly lower price. It's an absolute no-brainer for Sauvignon Blanc lovers looking to side-step Sancerre's hefty price tag. Kate has a keen eye and palate for quality and value, and this lovely white has both in spades.

The Touraine wine region in the middle Loire Valley is flush with a seemingly endless array of picturesque landscapes and historic châteaux. Viticultural and winemaking here date back to Roman times, and today, it's considered the epicenter of world-class Sauvignon Blanc. The region's cool climate, a near-perfect mix of clay, limestone, and flint soils, and centuries of winemaking tradition all add up to vibrant, aromatic wines, beaming with fresh citrus and gorgeous minerality.

Arnaud and Albéric Lechat are the passionate proprietors of Domaine Beauséjour, a family-owned estate with a rich history. The Domaine practices sustainable and near-organic farming methods, focusing on maintaining the health of its vineyards and the surrounding ecosystem. The estate covers several hectares of prime vineyard land, planted primarily with Sauvignon Blanc.

At Domaine Beauséjour, the Lechat family employs traditional winemaking techniques combined with modern practices to ensure the highest quality. The vineyards are meticulously managed, focusing on low yields to enhance concentration and complexity. Harvesting is completely done by hand, and with the bare minimum of intervention in the winery and cellar, allowing the natural terroir of Touraine Sauvignon Blanc to shine.

In your glass, Lechat's Touraine Sauvignon Blanc opens with vibrant aromas of citrus, green apple, and a hint of freshly cut white flowers. On the palate, flavors of lemon, lime, and gooseberry circle around the classic mineral underpinning. Plenty of lift and brightness ride into the incredibly refreshing and clean finish, leaving you longing for another sip.

As with other classic French Sauvignon Blanc, Lechat's Touraine Sauvignon Blanc is incredibly versatile in the food pairing department. Its bright verve and fresh palate make it a perfect companion to classic pairings of goat cheese, particularly the Loire Valley's famous Crottin de Chavignol. It will complement just about any white-fleshed fish and shellfish preparations, and we also love it with lightly dressed salads, light poultry dishes, and vegetarian fare. Of course, it's a top choice for leisurely sipping on the porch or patio.

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