M Haslinger & Fils Champagne

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I know what you're thinking -- great, here's another Champagne with a name I don't recognize. Well, read on, all will become clear!
M. Haslinger isn't exactly a household name in the world of Champagne; however, the folks behind this label most certainly are! It's a new project from the Rapeneau family, produced by G.M. Martel Champagne. In 1979, the Rapeneau family purchased G.M. Martel, and today, Christophe Rapeneau oversees production.
The Rapeneau family and G.H. Martel Champagne are among the last of the large Champagne houses to remain entirely family-owned. For five generations, the family has worked tirelessly, and they enjoy an excellent relationship with all of their growers and buyers.
The real story here is the quality in the bottle at this price. When we tasted this earlier in the year, we were blown away by the creamy texture and delicate mousse. Notes of citrus and pear dance across the elegant bubbles finishing with just a hint of red fruit and earth. The blend of 46% Pinot Nir, 37% Pinot Meunier and 17% Chardonnay provides lovely richness with just enough acidity, finishing clean on the palate.
These days, the wholesale price of Champagne to me is usually well above $30, so I'm beyond delighted to offer this great value exclusively to email subscribers! Again, I have a limited amount available, so jump on this deal sooner rather than later!
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