Marietta Cellars OVR Old Vine Red NV Lot 74

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Beginning with a modest purchase of grape vines in 1978, Marietta Cellars quickly established itself as a leading player in the Sonoma and Mendocino County wine scene. Its founder, Chris Bilbro, a local from Sonoma County with a winemaking heritage spanning three generations, propelled Marietta to fame by introducing its groundbreaking OVG, Old Vine Red. This California red blend was an instant hit and was instrumental in pioneering the 'red blend' category.

The winery has gradually expanded its vineyard footprint over the years, becoming well-known for producing exceptionally well-balanced wines from Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and Rhône varietal blends. All wines are estate-grown and bottled, sourced from organically farmed vineyards across the family's 310 acres in Alexander Valley, McDowell Valley, and Yorkville Highlands. The family vineyard holdings notably include some of California's oldest Syrah vineyards, established in the late 19th century.

Chris's son, Scot Bilbro, continues the family legacy, moving Marietta into a thrilling new chapter. After graduating from UC Davis with a degree in Viticulture and Enology, Scot began working at the winery full-time in 2007 and took over as winemaker in 2012. Drawing on the rich winemaking history of California and his father's legacy, Scot combines an inventive attitude with technical knowledge and a lot of good old-fashioned family know-how in shaping the future of the winery's viticulture and winemaking. Thanks to this blend of tradition and innovation, Marietta is currently enjoying the highest accolades in its forty-six-year existence.

OVR's history at the AWM goes back at least a couple of decades. In my early days at the shop, I remember my mentor Eberhard always thought very highly of Marietta Cellars, especially their OVR. When the staff and I recently tasted OVR Lot 74, we all agreed it's once again a winner!


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