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Years ago, I coined the phrase "Tuesday Night" wine to describe affordably priced, quality-driven wines. These are wines that you're not afraid to open and enjoy on a Tuesday night, and they're great to have around for casual meals or out on the porch.
My favorite way to find these little Tuesday night gems is through the many incredible independent vignerons and co-op members I've met through the years.   In many cases, these producers will have terrific entry-level reds and whites sourced from younger vines or just outside the village borders. These wines are always affordably priced and enjoy the same integrity in production and attention to quality generally reserved for higher-priced bottlings.
Le Petit Martin comes from one of my favorite vignerons and one of the first properties I arranged to source from France many years ago. Most of you will instantly recognize Domaine Martin for their marvelous Plan de Dieu Village. Their "Petit Martin" Vaucluse blend is a blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Merlot and is a perfect "Tuesday Night Red" if I've ever tasted one. It's affordable, comes from a quality-oriented independent vigneron, and in the glass, it's pure drinking pleasure.
The 2019 Petit Martin is both a screaming value and a stunning example of a superbly crafted Rhône red. The Marting brothers have once again made a wine that drinks miles above its price tag, and I would enthusiastically compare this with wines at twice the price. 
In your glass, this medium-bodied red opens with bright notes of cherry, and black raspberry, mixed with savory herbs and spice. The palate is super fresh and packed with dark red berry notes along with the lovely savory notes of garrigue that flow from the nose throughout the palate.
Once again, I'm blown away by the quality found in all of Domain Martin's wines -- especially for the price! 
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