Mirabello Pinot Grigio 20

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Pinot Grigio is the second most popular and consumed white wine in America… right behind Chardonnay. There’s a great reason for that: Pinot Grigio is super versatile. Inexpensive Pinot Grigio can be a great thirst-quencher on a hot summer day at the pool or beach, and an artisanal, estate bottled Pinot Grigio would be right at home in a fancy restaurant or dinner party.

Top-quality Pinot Grigio is pretty easy to come by — just shop up to the more pricey independent single estate releases at your local bottle shop and chances are, you’ll find a gem. Not so much when it comes to the best buys. Here, the hunt is really on and you’ll have to wade through an ocean of insipid plonk in order to find that one true Pinot Grigio gem that’s parked in the bargain price range.

At the shop, we do taste through that ocean of insipid plonk so you don’t have to! Very few bargain Pinot Grigios catch our attention, however, when we tasted the 2018 Mirabello, we knew we had found a gem.


100% hand-harvested Pinot Grigio

Adria Vini was formed in the Veneto in 2003 as a joint winemaking venture between Boutinot Imports and Araldica Vini Pimontesi, one of the top co-operatives in northern Italy. The co-op has more than 300 members, all focusing on quality and consistency — both major strengths of a well-run co-op.

Mirabello is made by winemaker Claudio Manera from 100% Pinot Grigio, sourced entirely from the best hand-harvested fruit of the co-op. In the glass, this fresh, dry white offers gentle aromas of citrus and orchard fruits all wrapped in a delicate floral envelope. The crisp palate lingers nicely and is quite a bit broader with a welcome richness I don’t recall in previous vintages. The wine is bottled young and early in order to deliver an extra ration of zing and crispness, providing a great balance of acidity to the extra richness of the 2018 bottling.

There are some Pinot Grigios that are simple porch sippers and others have complexity worthy of contemplation. The 2018 Mirabello hovers in the middle between the two. This is without a doubt a beach and pool-worthy white, however, it’s also just interesting enough to serve as a starter at your next dinner party.

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