Mont Gravet 3.0 L Rose 23 BOX

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It's no secret that I'm a fan of Co-Op wines. While they may not get the hefty helping of generous love in the winepress, they can pack a lot of quality into tiny price tags.

The best Co-Ops are well-oiled machines capable of producing wines that easily match the quality of their estate-grown and bottled counterparts. In more remote areas, the local Co-Op may be the only game in town, quenching the region's thirst while also providing viable employment opportunities.

When I visit growers and producers during my European buying trips, I always ask them about the local Co-Ops and which one might be their favorite. Quite often, a friend, family member, or relative turns out to be the winemaker at the local Co-Op; other times, my producer may even sell some of their extra fruit there! I've found quite a few gems over the years by simply inquiring about the local Co-Op.

Mont Gravet wines are Co-Op projects sourced by the Winesellers Group, a family-owned and managed importer based in the States. I have to admit, this is precisely the type of Co-Op project I love to find in my own travels! The group sources from several Co-Op locations across the South of France, importing a delightful range of red, white, and pink wines, all at wonderfully affordable prices.

Mont Gravet Cinsault Rosé is crafted by the members of Union des Caves Coopératives de Cébazan, a regional cooperative that combines the villages of Cebazan, Cruzy, and Montouliers. The Co-Op's vineyards are spread across a combination of clay-limestone and sandstone soils that are perfect for growing Cinsault. The clay-limestone terroir contributes textbook minerality, while the sandstone soils offer good drainage and warmth, retaining the freshness of the fruit.

At the insider price, the 2023 Mont Gravet is unquestionably one of this year's top best buys—you just won't find a better Pink at this price! It's delightfully soft and super-approachable in your glass, opening with notes of red berry, strawberry, and watermelon. The plush, velvety palate is brimming with bright red berries and melon, finishing squeaky clean and dry.

By the bottle or by the box, stock up on this one for the pool, porch, and patio!





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