Mont Gravet Rose 23

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It's no secret that I'm a fan of Co-Op wines. While they may not get the hefty helping of generous love in the winepress, they can pack a lot of quality into tiny price tags.
The best Co-Ops are well-oiled machines capable of producing wines easily matching the quality of their estate-grown and bottled counterparts. In more remote areas, the Co-Op may be the only game in town, quenching the region's thirst while also providing viable employment opportunities.
When I'm visiting with growers and producers during my European buying trips, I always ask them about the local Co-Ops and which one might their favorite. In many cases, a friend, family member, or relative might be the winemaker at the local Co-Op, and other times, my producer may even sell some of their extra fruit there! I've found quite a few gems over the years by simply asking about the local Co-Op.
Mont Gravet is a Co-Op project sourced by the Winesellers Group -- a family-owned and managed importer based here in the States. I have to say, this is precisely the type of Co-Op project I love finding my travels! The Co-Op sources from a number of vineyard locations across the South West of France, and they produce a delightful range of red, white and pink wines.
At the insider price, the 2020 Mont Gravet is undoubtedly one of this year's best buys in Rosé ! In the glass, it's soft, easy, and super-approachable, opening with notes of red berry, strawberry, and watermelon. Creamy hints on the nose lead to a plush, creamy palate of red berries and melon that finishes clean and dry.
Enjoy this superb bang for the buck pink with -- just about anything! Stock up on this one for the pool, porch, and patio!
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