Nomalas Pinot Nero 22

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Here at the shop, we're perpetually on the hunt for reasonably priced Pinot Noir. The trouble is, most inexpensive Pinot Noir just isn't good, and they're inevitably devoid of terroir, authenticity, integrity, and flavor. You can imagine our delight when the staff and I tasted Nomalas Pinot Nero from Francesco and Gianluca Salamon.

The Salamon family's Nomalas Pinot Bianco and Pinot Grigio are top favorites among AWM customers and staff, and their Pinot Nero is a welcome addition to that list. Every time we pour a glass of Nomalas, I'm astounded by the high level of quality and integrity for such a shockingly low price. It showcases the successful collaboration between local and global entities, providing AWM customers access to terrific value-driven wines produced by independent vignerons at prices usually found in supermarkets.

Although the Veneto is most famous for Prosecco and the sexy Amarones of Valpolicella, other grape varietals are sneaking into the region's repertoire. One of the new kids on the block is Pinot Nero, and the Veneto DOC, cradled by the Dolomites in the north and the Adriatic Sea in the south, happens to be the perfect terroir for the grape.

Within this vibrant viticultural vista, there's a growing interest in varietals beyond the region's time-honored grapes. Vineyards here have traditionally focused on growing Glera, Garganega, Pinot Grigio, and Corvina; however, the most recent newcomer, Pinot Nero, is gaining rather impressive traction. Pinot Nero, known globally as Pinot Noir, has found a promising new home in the vineyards of Veneto, continuing the region's remarkable viticultural diversification and embrace of international varieties.

In your glass, Nomalas Pinot Nero greets aromas of ripe red berries, subtle earthy notes, and a whisper of gentle spice, setting the stage for an enchanting balance of fruit and finesse on the palate. Elegantly smooth tannins usher in a finish bursting with cherry and hints of raspberry and cranberry. Weighing in at only 11.5% alcohol, you can easily enjoy a guilt-free second glass of this light-bodied red gem.

Hammond and I are looking forward to sipping and savoring this ruby-red Pinot on the back deck and patio and it'll be a top choice for the easy-going cuisine we'll enjoy through the warmer months. It will pair like a dream with salmon and tuna and will also be perfect with chicken and pork from the grill.


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