Paso a Paso Verdejo 23

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La Mancha is the largest wine-producing region in Spain, and every time I visit, I'm amazed that anything can grow there, let alone grapes. It's a vast, flat, arid expanse that stretches across the heart of the Iberian Peninsula, and except for the vineyards, it could have easily been a perfect location for any of the Mad Max movies.

Seemingly endless vineyards cover the La Mancha landscape, dotted here and there with traditional windmills. The region's blazingly hot summers and cold winters create a unique weather pattern that's surprisingly ideal for viticulture. The icing on the cake is the combination of the clay and limestone soil structure and abundant sunshine. Once again, it's a case of perfect terroir in a seemingly unusual place.

The region's winemakers have adapted to La Mancha's viticultural challenges, employing a slew of time-honored innovations and techniques passed down through the generations. Bodegas Volver is a venerable member of this group and stands out thanks to its commitment to organic viticulture and sustainable winemaking practices. The property's strong dedication to preserving the region's ecosystem is visible in every aspect of its operation, from the careful vineyard management to their vigneron's minimal intervention in the winery.

I'm always amazed by Verdejo's adaptability and potential in La Mancha. La Mancha's Verdejo offers a distinctly different flavor profile, and the region's unique climate and soil help set it apart from its more famous counterpart in Rueda. While Rueda Verdejo is known for its zippy acidity and vibrant citrus notes, La Mancha Verdejo offers rich, textured flavors that are riper and rounder on the palate.

In your glass, you'll enjoy tropical aromas of pineapple and mango framed by subtle notes of green apple and pear and a super-subtle whisper of crushed white flowers. The well-balanced palate continues the tropical theme with a harmonious blend of ripe fruit, leading to a crisp, refreshingly clean finish that lingers pleasantly.

Pair Paso a Paso with your favorite seafood and poultry creations, and it will sing with grilled shrimp, chicken, ceviche, and, of course, classic paella. In the sultry summer weather that's on the way, it'll be a great go-to to pair with lighter fare, like salads, white meats, and soft cheeses.

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