Petro Vaselo Rosu Cabernet Sauvignon 20

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The Petro Vaselo Winery is a prime example of Romania's new generation of growers and winemakers. They farm 42 certified organic hectares in Timisoara, and wines are made at a state-of-the-art facility in the village of Petrovaselo. They've been certified organic since 2013, and their sustainable farming methods are the region's benchmark.

After harvest, grapes undergo manual sorting in the vineyard and again at the winery, allowing only the best quality fruit to reach the fermenter. During the fermentation and aging process, the wine is almost entirely protected from air, allowing the winemaker to use only minimal sulfites to prevent oxidation.

Aromas of dark cherry and red licorice greet your senses, with notes of red cherry, hints of tobacco, and a whisper of incense leading the way through the bright palate. This 100% Cabernet Sauvignon is another super versatile red that will be a great match for all of your summer grilling adventures.
The added bonus is the fabulous wine-geeky-coolness factor that comes into play when you introduce your friends to the new wave of Romanian wine!
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