Pratsch Zweigelt 20

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The Prstsch family has been dedicated to organic viticulture and vinification for generations. Their high standards and perfect stewardship of their land earned them organic certification more than thirty years ago -- well before most other wineries in the region.

Stephan Pratch continues the legacy by managing all thirty hectares of his family's vineyards under strict organic standards. That same level of detail continues in the winery, featuring spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts and minimal addition of sulfur. Stephan also avoids the use of artificial processing materials and animal products. Instead of gelatin, he uses potato starch and pea flour as clarifying agents.

Zweigelt is Austria's most planted and most popular red grape. The grape was named after Dr. Fritz Zweigelt, the Austrian entomologist and phytologist who developed the Zweigelt grape by crossing two native varieties: Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent. Blaufränkisch provides a peppery backbone of spice, nicely balancing the lush, Pinot Noir-like texture and elegance of St. Laurent.

In your glass, the dark, red ruby hue leads to aromas of wild strawberry and plum, framed herbal notes, and hints of balsamic. The pleasingly dry palate features supple tannins and flavors of red berry, red currant, and strawberry with hints of black pepper and tobacco leaf.

This medium-bodied red is best enjoyed at cellar temperature or slightly chilled. Pair with grilled duck, chicken, white meats, and grilled salmon and tuna. We also love Zweigelt with BBQ and spicy Tex-Mex dishes.


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