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When asked to name the ultimate underdog of Italian white wine, my answer would undoubtedly be Pinot Bianco. Known as Pinot Blanc in France and Weissburgunder in Germany, in Italy, the grape lives in the permanent shadow of its more famous sibling rival Pinot Grigio.

Compared to Pinot Grigio, Pinot Bianco is generally more nuanced and delicately scented, presenting notes of pear, apple, lemon zest, and white flowers. Pinot Bianco features excellent zippy acidity yet still offers the alluring creamy texture found in most Pinot Grigio.

The Francesco family estate was founded in 1968 by Salamon Francesco, and their initial agricultural focus was mainly on corn, wheat, and soy. Slowly, the family branched out into viticulture, initially growing the rustic local variety of Raboso grapes. Over the next two decades, the family honed their skills in vineyard and winery, producing well-received regional, quaffable reds.

By the late 1980s, the family realized their estate was ideal for growing Glera, the primary grape used in Prosecco. Today, Gianluca Salamon runs the family estate, and he continues his father's commitment to organic farming, growing Pinot Grigio, Pinot Bianco, Pinot Nero, in addition to Glera.

Pulling the cork on a bottle of Nomalas Pinot Bianco is the perfect way to enjoy a warm, sunny spring or summer day. Extra added bonus -- there's just a whisper of fizz in the glass, making this crisp white even more enjoyable!

In your glass, you'll find the classic Pinot Bianco notes of pear, apple, and white flowers on the nose, leading to a palate of ripe pear and lemon framed by gorgeous minerality. At the core of the middle palate is a subtle but present creamy texture that's the perfect foil for the zip and verve. Pair this bargain of a white with a porch, pool, or patio, and feel free to enjoy a glass while you're firing up the grill!

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