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Austria is widely celebrated for its rich heritage of classical music and art, picturesque landscapes (think Sound of Music), historic cities, and Gemütlichkeit. Even with wine lovers, it doesn't immediately jump to mind as a wine-centric country.

Sure, like their German neighbors, Austrians certainly enjoy beer; however, when it comes to the country's top-favorite adult beverage, wine reigns supreme! During the last twenty years, Austria has steadily carved out a significant spot in the wine world thanks to the country's unique indigenous varietals that perfectly showcase Austria's fantastic terroir

There's no question that Grüner Veltliner is the most prominent and prolific grape varietal in Austrian wine, and wine lovers across the globe can't get enough of this zippy, bright white. While they may play second fiddle to Grüner, Austria's vinous identity also includes indigenous red varietals, notably Zweigelt.

Zweigelt was created in the 1920s by Professor Fritz Zweigelt, who successfully crossed native Austrian varietals Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent. Since then, Zweigelt has grown into Austria's most extensively cultivated red grape varietal, and it yields wonderfully approachable, fruit-forward wines that feature a delightful nuance of black pepper.

The Wachau wine region is a prestigious and postcard-picturesque stretch of vineyards that meander along the Danube River. Its mineral-rich soils and microclimates are particularly suited to producing wines with incredible complexity and longevity. The steep terraced vineyards and the Danube River's benevolent influence have made the Wachau a benchmark region of Austrian winemaking activity since Roman times. 

I've always thought of the Wachau as an Austrian version of Chablis. Like Chablis, wines from the Wachau feature a beautiful intensity of fruit and gorgeous minerality and are excellent cellar candidates. If you're a fan of lifted, mineral-driven whites, like Chablis, then whites from the Wachau should be on your radar. 

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Weingut Tegernseerhof, located in the heart of the Wachau, is one of the region's top benchmark producers. Vigneron Martin Mittelbach is the sixth generation of his family to run the winery. When I first visited Weingut Tegernseerhof some years ago, I was impressed by how Martin seamlessly blended the more traditional methods from his father, Franz, with his own spark of innovation in the vineyard and winery. For me, Martin's wines perfectly reflect the Wachau's unique terroir and the Mittelbach family's winemaking prowess. 

In your glass, Tegernseerhof Mittelbach Zweigelt Rosé showcases Martin's skill in coaxing out Zweigelt's delicate and nuanced pink personality. After a quick swirl or two, you'll enjoy invitingly aromatic notes of red berries, cherries, and hints of crushed white flowers. The palate deftly balances breezy brightness with lovely purity of fruit, finishing long, clean, and pleasingly dry with refreshing spice and textbook Wachau minerality.

The super-refreshing nature of this gorgeous Zweigelt Rosé makes it an excellent companion for all of your light spring and summer dishes. We love it with lightly dressed salads, grilled seafood, or poultry. For a traditional Austrian experience, pair with Wiener Schnitzel or light pasta dishes — its lifted brightness and zippy fruit will stand up nicely to richer flavors. 


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