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The Rueda wine region is nestled in the heart of Spain's dry and dusty northern plateau, just outside Valladolid, Spain's tenth-largest city. Thanks to its high altitude, Rueda enjoys long sunny days and cold nights, and the resulting diurnal temperature swing is super-favorable for growing grapes for white wine. The region's mineral-rich soils, originating from ancient riverbeds, add the finishing touch to the region's terroir. Thanks to this happy confluence of terroir, Rueda is now one of Spain's leading producers of fresh and lively white wines.

Verdejo is the flagship grape of Rueda and provides the foundation for the region's wine culture. Wines made from Verdejo are known for their exuberant aromatics, showcasing a delightful array of tropical and stone fruit notes. Depending on the location, elevation, and the vigneron's preferences, the styles of Verdejo from Rueda can range from squeaky-clean, fresh, and lively to dense, rich, and opulent.

Telmo Rodriguez is a winemaker of legendary status in Spain. While he's most famous for his rich, Tempranillo-based reds from Rioja and Toro, Telmo has more recently applied his magic touch to the Verdejo in Rueda. Like any of his projects, Telmo's core philosophy begins with respect for the terroir and local traditions blended with modern technology to help preserve Verdejo's fresh and lifted character.

The distinct character and charm of Basa Verdejo begins with the confluence of four remarkable Rueda villages: La Seca, Serrada, Pozaldez, and Foncastín. Each village contributes its unique terroir, imparting its distinct nuances and complexities to the wine. La Seca, considered by locals to be the grand cru of Rueda, lends depth and minerality. Serrada brings the freshness and vibrancy, while Pozaldez amplifies the wine's aromatic profile. Grapes harvested from Foncastín balance the minerality of the other villages with rich, layered fruit. The deft blend of terroirs from these four villages is essentially a sip-by-sip tapestry of the Rueda D.O.

In your glass, you're immediately greeted with a melange of aromas, from crisp green apple and zesty lime to hints of fresh-cut herbs and fennel. On the palate, a medley of stone fruits, notably peach and apricot, seamlessly blend with the wine's mineral backbone. The long and refreshing finish leaves an enduring impression of Rueda's landscape and the finesse of Verdejo.

When it comes to culinary companions, the vibrant and fresh profile of Basa Verdejo makes it an excellent partner for a vast array of cuisine. Seafood amplifies Basa's crispness, working exceptionally well with grilled shrimp, ceviche, or oysters. Salads with citrus-based vinaigrettes or goat cheese mingle beautifully with its acidity.

While the traditional Spanish pairings focus on tapas like Calamares Fritos (fried calamari) or Gambas al Ajillo (garlic shrimp), don't hesitate to reach outside the box when pairing foods with this light, fresh style of Verdejo. Much like Austrian Grüner Veltliner, the light, fresh expressions of Verdejo are unfazed by asparagus and artichokes, making Basa an excellent choice for vegetarian fare. Basa will also shine with Asian noodle dishes, Tex-Mex, and since it handles heat like a champ, it will shine with spicy Indian.

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